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Transcription feautures

Yes, Landmark can de-identify one or several participants for your transcriptions.
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Files are  accepted in all formats of audio/video, including .mp3,.msv, .wma .mp4, .mov, .wm

Yes, we transcribe and translate audios in over 25 languages including spanish, french, chinese, and more.  However our expertise resides within English and Spanish transcriptions and translations. Click here to view a list of all languages available for transcription.
Speaker tracking is the individual numbering of respondents. (Interviewee 1, Interviewee 2, Interviewee 3, etc.)
Time stamping refers to aligning the transcript’s texts to the recording by inserting timestamps at specific intervals. (Interviewer: [00:05:05] Hi, how are you?).
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Strict Verbatim Word-for-word capture including all non-verbal sounds or fillers such as um’s, ah’s, uh’s as well as stutters, stammers, repetitions and false starts.

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Non Verbatim Not word-for-word capture. Intelligently capturing the meaning by removing all filler words (umm, uhh, ahh, hmm, etc.) as well as false starts, repetitions and stutters.

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Turnaround times

We have next-business day and 2-day rush turnaround options.

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