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The platform used by professionals to transcribe and translate high-quality research in over 25 languages.
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Trusted by over 4,000 researchers across 4 continents.

Landmark can transcribe your Zoom interviews/focus groups

Landmark can transcribe all your Zoom, Webex and Teams interviews or focus groups, click here to learn more!

We accept all audio/video formats

We accept all audio/video formats. Click here for more information.

Top quality ​

We have highly experienced professional Transcribers, Captioners, and Translators.

Secure ordering​

Our vetted workforce uses our secure platform.​

Powerful technology​

Your data is encrypted to ensure security.

Prompt service​

We are available via phone, email, and chat to answer all your questions. ​

Fair Pay

We pride ourselves on guaranteeing our contractors an honest and equitable fair remuneration.

Over 18 years old

In order to transcribe or translate with Landmark, we require that everyone be over 18 years old.

SSL Data Encryption |

Our system employs strong multi-factor encryption through Amazon’s S3-managed encryption keys.

Each file is encrypted with a unique key, which is also encrypted by a separate master key which rotates regularly.